Luna is the singer-songwriter duo of Valeria Stewart (guitar) and Kathleen Huber (ukulele and bass). 

Kathleen released a CD in 2014 (Yes, Yes) with The Northbrooks and another in 2018 (Bluebird Dragonfly) with Song Garden. She is deeply inspired by the musical duo, Over the Rhine, the gut truth of singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier, and well-crafted harmonies of small acoustic ensembles. 

Valeria is a member of The Stewart Sisters band, with whom she released a CD in 2016 (Another Place & Time). She is inspired by melodies of all kinds, the way notes fit together, and how they sometimes arrive, unbidden, in quiet spaces in her day, often in the rising awareness of her mornings.


Their Luna journey began one afternoon in early 2018. It’s been a season of growth, an engaging collaboration, and a steady stream of good vibes.

Photography by Valerie Makepeace